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BulbVision Cam

BulbVision Cam

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Say goodbye to the hassle of intricate installations; with BulbCam, you can effortlessly screw it into any standard E27 light fixture, just like a regular bulb. But that's not all – this ingenious device boasts an array of advanced features that outshine your typical security camera.

Gone are the days of dealing with wires, searching for batteries, or fumbling with adapters. With BulbCam, all you need to do is effortlessly screw it into any E27 light bulb socket – no hassle, no mess. A seamless installation that mimics changing a light bulb, and just like that, you'll have a vigilant eye in the sky, operational 24/7.

Elevate your surveillance game with the remarkable BulbCam – a beacon of innovation and convenience. Revel in the seamless loop and motion recording capabilities, effortlessly storing precious moments on an SD card. And the best part? No need to extract the SD card to relive those moments – access them effortlessly via our mobile app, regardless of your location.

Control the camera's panoramic prowess remotely, all from the convenience of your mobile phone. Witness your space transform as you navigate through the complete coverage offered by BulbCam. Revolutionize your perception of security as traditional cameras become a thing of the past in the face of BulbCam's expansive, all-seeing capabilities.

ο»ΏEmbark on a nocturnal journey with BulbCam's enchanting night vision – a masterpiece crafted with high-intensity IR LEDs that illuminate the darkness, revealing intricate details in stunning clarity across an impressive range of up to 25 feet. But that's just the beginning – brace yourself for a symphony of smart features that amplify your security experience.

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